Endomorph Diet – My Advice

Are you sick of diets that instead of helping you put on lean muscle actually end up with you softer and fatter than you were before? If this sounds like you then I’m glad you have found this page on the best endomorph diet and I strongly suggest you keep reading….


Are you confused about the best muscle building diet to use and are sick of wasting money on diets that don’t work?

You’re not alone.

That happens to just about everyone but the rarest genetically gifted freaks.

Most people end up gaining one pound of fat for every pound of muscle.

Endomorph Diet Success

Renegade Diet Success


So how do you make the most of your naturally muscular and bulky endomorph frame, without overloading your body with unnecessary extra weight and fat?

Below are four VERY important muscle building diet tips to help you gain size without the unwanted body fat. These are also added to more fully and in great length in the Renegade Diet Plan, which covers the exact diets and requirements needed for an endomorph.

1) Eat Slightly More Calories Than You Burn

If you want to build muscle you will have to eat more food than your typical layman who doesn’t train whatsoever. However it is not as much as you might think think.

Endomorph Transformation

Renegade Diet Works! – Roddy May

When you grossly overeat and pack in all the food you can manage you will not only gain weight but your waist and body-fat percentage will also increase. Not good!

A better approach would be to eat just a bit more than you burn so you have some calories left over to build muscle but not enough to gain fat.

A simple way to judge it is if you’re getting fatter, cut calories. If you’re losing weight bump them up.

Often the simplest solutions are the most effective!

2) Eat Real, Whole Foods

The majority of anyone’s diet should come from non-processed food such as free range egga (instead of battery-farmed ones), wild caught seafood, organic red meat and poultry, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, nuts and healthy fatty oils (coconut, red palm, olive oil, avocado, fish).

3) Time Your Carbs Properly

Endomorph Diet Cheat

This IS Allowed!

To undertake high intensity muscle building workouts you definitely need to have fueled your body with carbs. However you shouldn’t overdo it because carbohydrates will pile on fat extremely quickly. The way to avoid this is by eating more carbs on training days and fewer carbs on off days.

The majority of your carbs should be eaten post workout and/or at night which is contrary to common belief.

4) Focus on Protein

Your muscle building diet should be built around a base of protein. A good formula is:

1.5 x your body weight in grams.

For instance I weigh roughly 80kg so I should consume around 120g of protein.

In some case you may supplement your diet with 1-2 protein shakes because they are a simple weigh of getting in extra nutrients without having to prepare another entire meal.

Example of a clean non-training day (bump up the carbs in the evening on a training day) could be:

Endomorph Diet Example

Daily Plan


+ 2 Bulk Protein Shakes (300 Calories each, 20g Protein each)






Endomorph Diet Results

This Diet Works!


ALL of this advice is adapted from the Renegade Diet Plan which covers everything to do with endomorph diet requirements and will absolutely make you liquidise fat and give you the body you always wanted.

Endomorph Diet Success


I believe the Renegade Diet Plan is THE superior, most extensively researched and most effective results-driven diet plan in the world right now.


I want everyone to message me and keep me updated as you start shedding the fat and piling on the pounds of muscle by using the best endomorph diet plan on the market.



Good luck with the journey, I can’t wait to hear your stories!


Founder of the ‘Body Type Fitness Network’

Choose a Low Fat Clean Diet

The reasons to choose a more specific nutrition plan are large and obvious. An endomorph diet will provide the perfect combination to liquidate fat and to build muscle. However this diet will not be one of those “put on 20lbs in 12 weeks” nutrition plan because these are clearly extremely high in calories and carbohydrates. Whilst this is perfect for skinny ectomorphs it is absolutely not suitable for an endomorph.

Ectomorphs struggle with having little muscle mass and find it impossible to put on size and weight. This is not a problem for an endomorph as I am sure you are aware. An endomorph diet should maximise protein and slow burn carbohydrates (i.e brown rice, brown pasta, small amounts of potato) whilst minimising sugary carbs and calories.

Interestingly fat is not all bad. Olive Oil and Avocado have lots of fatty acid and omega 3 in them which are fantastic for muscle-building. They are known as mono-unsaturated fats. However poly-saturated fats and trans fats should be avoided like the plague if you are an endomorph.

In the next couple of posts I am going to detail a perfect daily diet to help weight loss that combined with an effective intense workout program should help to get you in the shape that you absolutely deserve. It will take commitment and drive but the diet that I suggest and vouch for does not mean you have to starve yourself. In fact, you can eat all the things that you love (i.e. pizza or curry) but you just have to smart about the way that you do it.

One of the vital things that I have learned is that breakfast is NOT essential and is maybe the most overrated meal in all of muscle building. There will be many more tips, and complete meal plans coming in the next few weeks to cover all the needs of an ectomorph diet.

Good luck guys!


The Dangers of High Carb Diets

The endomorph diet NOT a two-week program that will promise “rapid weight loss”! Although it will help with getting weight loss fast and is far superior to free weight loss programs, the renegade diet is as much a lifestyle change.

Diets for quick weight loss often will just starve you,waste muscle and cause overall water loss. This will obviously cause weight loss but not make you look any better than you did before. These quick weight loss diets are inferior by a long measure to the renegade diet.

The best weight loss diet starts with a pronouncement to change from yourself, you have to proclaim “I want to lose weight” and this is where your drive to change will come from.

Weight loss pills will not show you how to lose weight quickly and a healthy diet to lose weight is always superior than using supplements or pills. Organic and non-processed things are the only things that you want to put in your body. Eating organic eggs and grass-fed organic ground beef are far better than following a gimick like an acai berry diet or green tea weight loss.

Fast weight loss tips and weight loss supplements will be found in the next few posts and a link to a specific and effective weight loss program with weight loss meals, specific weight loss methods and a weight loss calculator that will help. Often this diet will help you pack on muscle so you may not lose weight but could see yourself lose 10% of your body fat.

A fat burning diet is often a product of good healthy foods combined with intense training, this makes pills to lose weight almost obsolete because it all comes from within. Motivation to lose weight is the key to becoming a ripped jacked up dude and the endomorph diet is the way to complement this.


Endomorph Weight Loss Programs

There are plenty of diets out on the internet targeted for people who want to pile on weight and muscle and bulk up because they are skinny. However if you are naturally a big guy or an ‘endomorph’ then you will know that these diets will make you put on belly fat and look horribly out of shape because they are all about carbs and calories. Instead you should look for a more specific Endomorph Diet.

Free weight loss programs are often standardised and offer no way to get feedback or advice and instead just offer generic weight loss tips. If you are an easy gainer then not only do you want weight loss help, you also want to maximise your genetic potential in the gym! Fast weight loss is not necessarily want you want to aim for because often with a detox this weight loss will just be your body losing water and not losing fat.

Also you want to be aiming for the best weight loss, losing muscle will make you lose significant weight but it will also make you soft. The best weight loss plan will comprise weight loss foods that help to maximise muscular potential whilst keeping fat storage and retention as low as possible.

A specifically tailored Endomorph Workout can help with getting a toned, lean and ripped physique because it will focus on high reps and resistance to keep the heart-rate high. The endomorph body type is less susceptible to over-training and going catabolic so intensity is the key for someone with an endomorph body.

In the next few posts I hope to elaborate on the right nutrition for an endomorph diet and I hope you carry on reading!

Cheers Guys